HORSE the band

  After praising British math rock group 65daysofstatic and avant-garde Brazilian jungle artist Amon Tobin, I wanted to stay electric, but to go off the deep end.  Therefore I am happy to share the nintendocore wonders of HORSE the band.  This “experimental metalcore” band from California blends hardcore/metal with 8-bit nintendo sounds, through the use of keyboard, synthesizer, and even the LSDJ.  Their cult hit “Cutsman” is about a boss from Megaman, and it’s incredible.                                LISTEN TO IT HERE.

Note:  I was originally going to introduce Boards of Canada, because I got a comment on my Amon Tobin post about them, which is fantastic, but I decided to go with HORSE because I just listened to “Cutsman” again, and its breakdowns are fabulous.

Stay underground,



~ by beatlezfan32 on April 19, 2008.

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