Sweatshop Union

  I grew up listening to hip-hop.  I can rap along to every song on Wu-Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers.  In the last three or four years, though, and thanks to the internet, I have been in constant search of new music, from any and all genres.  The two hip-hop artists I still listen to regularly both happen to be large groups.  I still listen to Wu-Tang, a rap supergroup who at their max once had 10 main members, and the group I want to share right now – Sweatshop Union.

They are incredibly articulate, and all seven of them rhyme several syllables per line, extensive vocabularies included.  Politically charged, but uplifting, motivating, and talented beyond belief, the SSU is my favorite rap group since the WU. 

“Known for an inventive and socially-conscious sound, Sweatshop Union’s music focuses on being “honest”, commenting on material ranging from the War in Iraq, the plight of the poor and working-class, to the negativity and misogyny of mainstream hip-hop.”        (quoted from last.fm)

Want to know more?  Click the link on them above.  Want to sample it?  Go here:  SSU’s MySpace  I recommend listening to “The Thing About It.”

Stay underground,



~ by beatlezfan32 on April 20, 2008.

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