Well, folks, someone has asked me for exposure.  A man from East Schodack, NY named Brinan Weeks, who performs as Soundwave, has asked me to promote his work on my blog…    and here it is.    While truly specializing in beatboxing, Soundwave also creates instrumental hip-hop tracks ranging in style from “gangster rap” to “trip-hop.”  He has toured several different universities, and has even performed in upstate NY’s Parkfest.  Soundwave is a DJ for Siena College, and is currently there as a junior.  To hear a few of his instrumental works, CLICK HERE, and his most recent work can be sampled BY CLICKING HERE.

Listen to him beatbox!

Stay underground,




~ by beatlezfan32 on April 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “SOUNDWAVE”

  1. yo thanks alot man i appreciate it alot that you did this for me!!! i def wanna promote myself to the fullest extent that i can in different networks nah mean? it is a pleasure, in fact, a continuous pleasure that one hand can wash the other in our non-homo-erotic relationship ya dig? holla atcha favorite halfrican bruddaaaa

  2. but…i’m from east NASSAU you doofus. and i’m not a dj for siena, i’m a radio dj for 88.3 WVCR the saint on MY show “60 Minutes of Showtime” on Thursdays from 11pm to 12am. and i’m also graduating siena this year with a B.A. in History.

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