The Tuss

  Some of you may be familiar with the electronic musician APHEX TWIN. You should be if you’re not.  You may even know that Karen and Brian Tregaskin, the supposed duo of Cornish musicians known as THE TUSS, may actually be Aphex Twin. (Click here for more)

Regardless of who it may be, this incredibly creative and hyper-fun music is a trip into the future of electronica.  [For a look at what techno will be like in the year 3000, see SQUAREPUSHER‘s album Go Plastic.] 

The Tuss’ debut album, Rushup Edge, is a six-song, 33 minute masterpiece, incorporating several subgenres of electronica into each tune.  Listen to my favorite song off the track below, and check out their myspace for some new stuff.

I apologize, but the player for this song is currently unavailable.  You can (and should) however create an account with, log in, and then play the song “Shiz Ko e” with this link:

Signing up is very easy, and they don’t send you junk mail.  With Mailbox Drive you can encode mp3s to html, and discover new music at the same time!

Stay underground,



~ by beatlezfan32 on April 28, 2008.

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