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  Rjyan Kidwell, otherwise known as Cex, is an experimental artist who incorporates IDM, glitch and trip-hop.  Please read more about him here, and then listen to the song “Not Trying” after you click here.  More recently, Cex has begun to experiment with his singing voice.  Check out this video for “Kill Me,” his latest track:



Gatsby’s American Dream

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  Another band hard to label, Gatsby’s American Dream mixes pop, punk and emo with post-hardcore and alternative, to create intelligent emo-core.  Their 2003 release “Ribbons and Sugar” is loosely based on Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” and the song I want you to listen to is the last track, “Counterfeit Language.”

Click here, and choose “Counterfeit Language” from the playlist!

If you like emo, or punk, or post-hardcore, or any type of “smart” rock, enjoy GAD!

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  I thought since I mentioned Squarepusher in The Tuss’ blog, that I would post about Squarepusher himself today.  Real name Tom Jenkinson, Squarepusher is perhaps the best glitch / drum n’ bass artist ever to record.  His eclectic and highly technical work has been categorized as electronic jazz, drum n’ bass, glitch, experimental musique concrete, and even elctronic funk.  If I had to sum Squarepusher up in one word, I would have to take a course in etmyology and make one up.  I can however show you the video for his song “The Exploding Psychology.”

Listen intently, and hold on tight.  This gets extremely intense.

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  Ratatat makes guitar-based electronica music, and consists of just two members, Mike Stroud and Evan Mast, who met at Skidmore College, a school not far from the town I grew up in!  You don’t care, but it’s awesome!  Their music is loaded with emotion, and yet maintains a sense of care-free humor.  Stroud plays a creative guitar, and synth-player Mast adds a sleek sort of techno, all the while producing the music.


Or watch the following video for their song “Seventeen Years”


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  This is the best pop band I have heard since the early 90s.  Lead singer Max Bemis is a genius songwriter for today’s hyper music listener.  This song, “Alive with the Glory of Love,” is about lovers torn apart due to their being in a concentration camp.  Say Anything is a very creative band, and Bemis’ lyrics, always stark and intelligent, occasionally promote self-reflection, and the band does a good job of keeping the listener involved.  One of my top 20 favorite artsts… (And I listen to over 1,000)  Watch the video:

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  Four classically-trained cellists that play heavy metal.  OK, that bears repeating…  FOUR CLASSICALY-TRAINED CELLISTS WHO PLAY HEAVY METAL!!!  They’re from Finland, they’ve covered Metallica, Pantera and Faith No More, and they’re simply amazing.  They’re Apocalyptica.  They have over 15 albums, with plenty of (awesome) original material, but their true ability lies in their covers…  I really hope you love Metallica as much as I do, because then you will see the sheer talent required for this:

Even if you don’t love Metallica, know that this is a Metallica song played on four cellos: one for vocals, one for bass, one for guitar and one for drums.  Enjoy!


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  Praxis is a musical project headed by Bill Laswell, the world famous bassist who has worked with the likes of Herbie Hancock, Brian Eno, Bootsy Collins and the Ramones, among hundreds of others.  They play a sort of experimental noise rock, combining several genres.  Praxis member Buckethead is known to be one of the better guitar players of our time, and has played with a wide range of artists, including Lord of the RIngs star Viggo Mortenson and Guns and Roses.  (If the word “eclectic” isn’t going through your head, I bet a synonym is.)

LISTEN TO THEM HERE – and please play the song “Amboss.”

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